Friday, August 24, 2012

Creating Election Lawn Signs

Candidates of various offices or positions purchase election lawn signs to create awareness and get noticed. When voters are passing on a street and see a politician's name, they immediately develop interest and this kind of reaction can lead to a positive outcome of the election.
However, there's more to it than just getting some sign and placing them here and there. This is considered the first step of the whole campaign strategy, and it's important that it be done well.
Sign experts inform us that there's much more to take into account. Following is some advice on how to create exceptional campaign signs.
A Guide on Creating Election Lawn Signs
* Words
When creating an election sign, the words used should be memorable and straight to the point. They should also be easy to comprehend and visible.
When passers-by see your sign, they should be able to see what office you are running for and be able to make out your name clearly. Remember, the goal here is to sell your name. It's therefore very important that your name on the sign be the same as the name on the ballot paper.
* Nick Name
As much as you would want the name on the ballot paper and the name on the signs to match, your nickname could play a very important role as well. You obviously want your sign to be remembered and more importantly, YOU want to be remembered!
Including the name that you're popularly known by is very important, as it helps you stand out from other candidates who might be using similar first or second names, or even make some people who knew you by your nickname get acquainted with your official names. You can put this name in brackets, alongside your official names.
* Lettering
The font of the sign should be readable from a distance. The signs should therefore be bold and appear in easily distinguishable colors. The colors of the letters should stick out from the background color and thus reduce the risk of confusion. Readability also aids in making the communication effective.
* Size
Smaller election signs might be cheap, but a reasonable size would be more appropriate for clarity. Anything smaller than 18"x24" is usually ineffective, as it becomes difficult to read from a moving automobile.
You can, however, use the smaller signs for still traffic and walk ways. The size will most definitely dictate the amount of words you include in your sign.
* Colors
You should use "shouting" colors that appeal to the eyes of passersby. Do not use dull colors that can be easily ignored.
Primary color tones of Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Bright Green are the most recommended for this kind of job. You can use two or three different colors in your lawn sign to make it more appealing.
* Material
Election lawn signs are designed to last for a short period of time, maybe 60 to 180 days. They are usually made of inexpensive materials and they are not as sturdy as other signs made of heavy metal.
You can choose to be creative and use other materials that are strong and can prevail in weather conditions like rain. A good example of a lawn sign is one made of plastic and held up with a wooden or wire frame.
Regardless of the office you're running for, yard signs can make the difference between winning and losing. Get your name known by making it part of the town and city using lawn signs.

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